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We've completed an initial Beta Test program to validate the comfort and effectiveness of the SettleSafe crib. We'll let them speak for themselves:
The SettleSafe Crib is the Safest, Most Comfortable baby sleep system in the world.  The SettleSafe System consists of a standard spring-foundation crib, combined with a patented lever mechanism that is used to impart rhythmic motion to baby's mattress.

The caregiver can respond to baby, stay connected, and soothe without lifting or handling.  The vast majority of nighttime injuries occur when baby is removed from the crib - not when she is safely inside.  The SettleSafe soother reduces or eliminates Unintended Handling, creating the safest sleep system in the world.  It also means that baby, and parents get the most sleep.

With the proceeds from this campaign, Milestone Products will acquire industry certification for the SettleSafe system, collect additional safety and effectiveness data, and solicit a licensing agreement with an existing crib manaufacturer, with a goal to launch the SettleSafe Crib at the ABC Juvenile Product Show in October, 2017

"I received the Settle Pedal and the directions were very easy to follow.  It seems like a great product (the wood is beautiful)"
Anna in CA

"We actually moved out son into the crib two nights ago and installed the Settle Pedal right away . . . it was wasy to install and counces the mattress gently".
"Your customer service truly has been exceptional - prompt, personable, and dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure full satisfaction".
Sara in IL

"The pedal is installed an in use.  I really like it (as does baby!).  Thanks, I love it and think it is a great idea"
Rachel in CA

"My 1 y.o. seems to enjoy the motion, it's so gentle, and not jarring at all.  I can soothe my DS without the stimulation of taking him out of the crib, but still rest my hands on him to give him the contact that e needs to be calmed.  It's a lot easier on my back than trying to do the "soothie bounce" with a 27 lb child!  The pedal itself is made out of great quality parts.  It looks great, and with the color of the pedal matching that of the critb, it's barely noticible unless you're looking for it".
Cassandra in ME

"I love it.  My son loves to be rocked/bounced and the settle pedal works wonders.  I don't have to pick him up to comfort him and it saves my back, neck, and knees.  He is a BIG boy! :)  Great product, would recommend it to every mother!!!"
Beth in IL

The SettleSafe Crib system consist of a standard spring-foundation crib combined with a patented lever mechanism used to produce gentle, rythmic motion to the mattress.  Baby feels comforted and connected without lifting or handling.
We put instrumentation on our test baby (long story) and collected accelerometer data for standard techniques of lifting and soothing:

The SettleSafe Crib allowed smoother, more consistent motion, and much smoother transitions (below)
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The launch of the SettleSafe crib creates a platform for advanced, high-value options:

SettleSafe Monitor - The SettleSafe Monitor integrates into the pedal actuator.   It monitors not only baby's sound and movement, but provides feedback on the most effective motion for baby.  Using a web-enabled app allows parents to monitor baby from another room, or remotely while baby is in the care of babysitters or other caregivers.  It is planned for release in 2019.

SettleSafe Automated Soother The soother is an actuator that works in concert with the SettleSafe crib.  It can soothe your baby using the same motion that you find most effective.  It also allows you to fine-tune the motion remotely.  It is planned for release in 2020