Milestone Product Design is a collection of skilled and visionary product developers.  Individually, they have been responsible for creating and launching an array of consumer products from consumer robotics to marine accessories.   They have been brought together at Milestone Products to specialize in the next generation of advanced Juvenile Products
Kevin Leary brings a strong background in consumer product design and launch.  As a Project Management Professional, he adds expertise in Project Management, planning and tracking.  Kevin is a graduate of Northeastern engineering and Babson business school

Geoff Lansberry is a recognized leader in andvanced product developement with experience at iRobot and Kuvee.  He will lead the extention of the S4 platform into the Internet of Things with web-enable hardware and application software.  Geoff is a graduate of Lehigh and Johns Hopkins engineering as well as Tufts school of management.

Both principals have developed strong relationships with a wide range of technical experts throughout the area and around the country.  Build-out of the S4 platform will be accelerated by the use of development partners and consultants.

Both have long experience at being tired Dads